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Fifth and Sixth Class

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Poetry Corner

n autumn day blows very wildly,
Upturning all the fallen leaves.
Trees are bare without their leaves,
Unless they’re evergreen.
Making preparations for winter.
Nature has set its course for another year.
By Aaron Conway


ll the ripe apples and blackberries ready to be picked.
Ugh! We are all back at school.
The weather grows colder.
Under the deciduous trees orange, yellow, red and brown leaves lie.
My friends and I walk through the leaves making crunching sounds
Now autumn is making way for winter.

By Alanna Queenen

All the leaves falling down form the trees
yellow, brown, red, orange-no longer green.
Under the leaves the acorns are hiding
waiting for squirrels.
The sky is in darkness by early evening
as winter approaches.
Underneath the ground the worms
are hiding in the soil.
Migrating birds are flying to Africa
where food is plentiful.
No more bright days until spring.

By Amy Cavanagh


All Hallow’s Eve came from a Celtic tradition which is now celebrated on the 31 of October.
Under piles of leaves hedgehogs hibernate to keep warm for the winter.
The squirrel doesn’t hibernate, as he wakes up to eat, now he is busy gathering nuts.
Under foot the leaves and earth as nature prepares to rest.
Migration for cuckoos and swallows to where there is lots of insects for them to eat.
Now they will stay there until spring, when new life begins!!!

By Caolán Gilroy


Anywhere I go I see ripe apples on the trees and leaves on the ground.
Usually the leaves are brown, red or yellow.
The blackberries are ripe on the bushes.
Up in the air the swallows are preparing to migrate.
My birthday is in autumn.
No other Season is better than autumn.

By Darragh Cull


All the hedgehogs prepare to hibernate,
Under the blanket of leaves on the ground.
The weather gets colder, days shorter and –
Ultimately, the clocks will be turned back.
Many walks in the woods collecting
acorns and pinecones.
Now that summer has ended
and Autumn has arrived; we
look forward to Hallowe’en
to scare and frighten
with our masks.

By Hannah Scott

Aunty Ita makes blackberry tarts.
Under the trees are lots of leaves.
The weather gets colder and days shorter.
Under our feet leaves rustle.
My daddy makes blackberry tarts too, but -
Not as good as Aunty Ita’s

Morgan Kavanagh


Autumn is a time when many birds migrate and some animals hibernate.

Usually the days get shorter as it gets darker earlier.

The deciduous trees lose there leaves in autumn.

Usually apples are ready for harvesting.

Most of the hedgerows are covered in juicy blackberries which stain our fingers.

Now we are all looking forward to the Hallowe’en break.

By Múireann Moylan.


Autumn is when the days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling.

Under the deciduous trees you ‘ll find lots of coloured leaves of different varieties.

The temperatures are dropping and the animals are starting to hibernate.

Under the masks at Hallowe’en children smile with delight .

Many black berries have been picked to make delicious pies.

Now we can gather many logs for the fire to keep us warm.

By Nathan Scott


the leaves fall from the trees.
Up and down the squirrels busy collecting nuts.
Tree branches swing from side to side in the wind.
Up and away the swallows fly to Africa.
Many animals and birds are preparing for winter
Now the evenings are shorter as darkness falls earlier.

By Niall Connaughton


Autumn is when the leaves fall and lie-
Under the deciduous
Trees where they litter the ground.
Under the trees a squirrels nuts are stored for the winter
Many birds migrate and many animals hibernate
Now with shorter days and longer nights
I have no excuse to go to bed late!

By Ian Ryan


Around we go, me and you!
Under the ground, swirling and curling.
Then we go up, POP! We are out, its-
Autumn leaves everywhere.
Unlike summer the trees are almost bare.
“Me? I am a worm”
“ I’m a worm too, you were with me all the way .

By Jack Kelly


Another summer has gone by, autumn is here.
Under the oak tree the squirrels are gathering acorns.
The wind swirls the leaves down from the trees.
Underground animals get ready to hibernate.
Mother nature is preparing for another season.
Now is the time for the long winter nights to begin.
By Lisa Sweney

December 2009

November 2009

This is some of our work in October 09

Some of our work and activities from September 09..


The Hulk is a huge, green, mean character who destroys large cities and is full time roaming the earth causing havoc!
He is the must wanted person or should I say must wanted monster maniac on EARTH!
He’s indestructible. No one can stop him, the earth needs a hero.
It would make you wonder why you never see superman. He’s probably too scared to even look out his window

By Dylan Sloyan
1 February 2002

St. Brigid

St.Brigid promised fine weather from her feast day onwards. Spring, the season of hope and new life, brought better weather and longer days. With it came new life on the farm and new growth on land.
On St.Brigid’s Eve, a festive meal of potatoes and butter was eaten and all of the family made special crosses in honour of the saint . They sought St.Brigid’s protection for the fertility of the household , farm and land and to safeguard them from illness and disease.
In parts of Connacht, people would carry a large straw belt (a Crios Bríde) through which the inhabitants passed while saying a prayer to St.Brigid, in the hope of gaining the saint’s protection from illness during the coming year.
Throughout Ireland there are many holy wells dedicated to St.Brigid and it was traditional to visit these either the evening before or on her feast day. Water obtained at this time was believed to be particularly blessed.

St.Brigid’s Crosses

CROSSES were hung up in homes and animal sheds and then leftover straw was often sprinkled on the crops or incorporated spancels or bedding for animals so as to invoke the saint’s blessing as she passed through the country on the eve of her feast day.
It was common to give a St.Brigid’s cross as a gift to those with a new home and to newlyweds, so as offer protection and wish the couple well in starting a family.

Mikey Gordon

Anansai the Turltle

The turtle was walking past Anansai the spider’s house after a long journey.

He was very hungry. As he passed her house he smelt yam being baked. He knocked on the door and said to Anansai “I am very hungry and smelled yams being baked, Please may I have some?” Anansai didn’t want to share but she knew it was customary to invite any visitor in for dinner at this time.
Anansai came up with a plan. As turtle reached for a piece of yam, Anansai screamed”STOP! your
hands are filthy. The turtle walked down to the river and washed his hands. When he returned Anansai had eaten half the yam. The turtle sat down again. As he reached for a yam, Anansai yelled” STOP!!!!!!! Your hands are filthy”.
“Oh I’m sorry it must be from the road. I’ll go and wash them again”.
He returned to the river and washed his hands but this time on his way back he walked carefully on the grass checking his hands to make sure they were clean . However, by the time he returned to Anansai’s house all the food was eaten.
Nevertheless, Turtle thanked her for inviting him in and invited Anansai to dinner whenever she was in his neighbourhood..
Shortly afterwards Anansai was passing by the river and saw turtle .He invited her in to have dinner. Anansai was delighted as Turtle was a wonderful cook. Turtle lived under the river. Turtle jumped in and swam down to the bottom. When Anansai jumped in she floated on the top because she was so light. The next time she tried she climbed a tree. When she jumped she went down but went straight back up.
Anansi was clever, she had an idea. She put on her coat and filled the pockets with stones, jumped in and sank to the bottom of the river. She sat at he table and was just about to eat when turtle remined her that it was customary to take off your jacket when eating .Ananai took off her jacket and floated straight up to the surface.

The moral of the story is :- treat others as you would like to be treated.

Clodagh Sweeney
5 class


On Monday 18 of January 2010 3 to 6 classes travelled by bus went to the Royal Theatre in Castlebar . The previous week we had listened to a CD prepared by Gareth Grant, the conductor of the orchestra and became familiar with the music and learned words of songs to prepare for the concert.

We arrived early at the Royal Theatre and we went to the waiting room, where we ate our lunch and went to the toilet.
At around a quarter to twelve we went into the theatre, sat and waited for the RTÉ Concert Orchestra to begin.

The Conductor’s name was Gareth but he called himself the Maestro. The first tune was the Cancan it was played at its normal tempo then slowiy.
We listened to ‘’Carnival of the Animals’’ where the music represented different animals, like a lion, swan, turtle, chicken and horse. There were ballet dancers for some tunes.
Next the Maestro told us that Peter Sweeny was sick and couldn’t make it. He was very happy that Peter wouldn’t be able to ruin the Cancan. But Peter cane and started dancing in a dress. He was very funny.
Peter then took over from Mary (the pianist) for the piano concerto but he didn’t know the tune, just the accompaniment. Mary took over again!

We then sang along to the songs, Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen, Han Christian Anderson, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, Teddy Bear’s picnic, Annie’s song and Ailiú Éanaí.

The Maestro explained that a percussion instrument is a instrument that is hit. There are two types of percussion instrument, the untuned percussion and the tuned percussion. The untuned percussion is an instrument that you can’t play a tune, only beats, (the drums are an untuned percussion instrument). The tuned percussion has to be able to play a full tune on it, a piano, zylaphone, vibraphone, glockenspiel and a marimba are tuned percussion. A man called James played them. James used a typewriter as a percussion instrument. Peter and maestro had a bet of €100 to see who the better typist was, James or the ballet dancers.

The Finale was songs by ABBA, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Does your Mother Know?.

We enjoyed the show and got back two school at half two.

By Caolán Gilroy 6 class

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