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Nike Ogun

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As part of a programme by the Sligo Leadership Partnership aimed at increasing awareness and respect for different people living in Ireland we had a visit from Nike Ogun from Liberia. She told the children a traditional African story, she had a discussion with the children about the story and other features of Africa and then she did African tie-dye with groups of children.

Niki Ogin’s Visit

On Tuesday the 19 of January 2010 Niki Ogin came to our school to show us how to tie-dye and tell us stories about Africa.
First Niki showed us a Powerpoint presentation about Africa, their dress-sense and their culture
After the slideshow she explained how we were going to tie-dye the sheets. When Niki finished explaining we separated into three groups and picked our shapes and colours. There were two groups with circles and one group with straight lines. Once we chose our shapes and colours we set to work First we tied pieces of string around our sheets in three different places, next we dipped our sheets in yellow dye.
\We listened as Niki told us an old African tale called ” Anansai and the Turtle” . Niki had listened to this as a young girl in Liberia in Africa. When she finished the story we took the sheets out of the dye and tied three more pieces of string around the sheets. When that was done we put the sheets into more dye but this time it was a different colour.
While we were waiting for the sheets to soak up the dye we each drew a picture that reminded us of the story of “Anansai and the Turtle”.
When the sheets were ready we took the string off each of the sheets and revealed the finished products. Alll three of them were unique and each group was very happy with theirs.
We enjoyed Niki’s visit very much and hope she can come again.

By Amy Cavanagh and Nicola Flannelly,
6 Class.

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