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On the 14 October 2009, a scientist called Declan from Science Ireland came to our school to demonstrate science experiments.The show started at 11.30. From 1 class up watched and participated in the show.

The three experiments I liked best were the ones with:
the ping pong ball to demonstrate air pressure. toaster to show hot air rises.slinky- to show how sound travels in waves.

For the first experiment Declan filled a bottle up to the top with water, then put a ping pong ball on the top of it. He shook the bottle and the water did not come out. He then shook it even harder and the water still did not come out, he then shook really really hard over a bucket of water and the ball fell off .
He then got a hair blowdryer and put a ping pong ball on the the air and everytime Declan moved the hair blowdryer the pin pong ball went with it.
For the second experiment Declan got a small plastic bin bag and a toaster. He then put a cardboard tube over the toaster and placed the plastic bag on top of it.He then waited for the toaster to warm up and when it did it made the plastic bag rise up like a hot air balloon . I found that very interesting.
The third experiment I liked was with a slinky which demonstrated how sound travels in waves. Declan picked Clodagh to help him. They held the slinky either side and shook it once and it went up and then came back down really quickly. Declan then had another slinky but it was longer and thicker, it went up faster as they shook it.
Everyone enjoyed the science day and would love Declan to come back again

By Sofia Scott
5 class

We went to a Science show on the 14/10/09.We learned lots of interesting things. Declan showed us lots of experiments that to do with atmospheric pressure, sinking and floating, thunder and lightning, friction, tornados, rainbows, aeroplanes, sound and many others. Here are some of the things our class learned:

Atmospheric Pressure

Atmospheric pressure is shown when you put two toilet plungers together and then try to pull them apart. They will not budge. When Declan did it, it took a good few people to get them apart. He said that it would even be difficult for the two strongest men to get them apart. Declan showed us a picture of an oil tank. He said that some men tried to wash it out and when they put the power-hose in the tank seconds later the oil tank was totally flat and it cracked because of the atmospheric pressure. When Declan got two bottles .One was empty and the other was full. He got a screw and put the two bottles together . He put the one with the water in it upside down on the table. The top bottle went pure flat like the oil tank.

By Leanne Taylor

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